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Our Scoliosis Reduction Treatment Center Reduces Curvature and Pain Without Scoliosis Surgery

Start Seeing Results in Just Weeks with our Scoliosis Treatment

Our New York, NY scoliosis reduction treatment center uses non-surgical methods to rehabilitate the spine. Using a proven combination of spinal adjustments, exercise and posture work, we achieve an average curvature reduction of 40%.

Our non surgical scoliosis treatment method:

  • reduces the spinal curve,
  • prevents further curving of the spine,
  • relieves pain and discomfort,
  • alleviates the embarrassment of deformity,
  • gives patients increased range of motion and the freedom to enjoy an active life,
  • is less expensive than traditional scoliosis treatments.

Feel Better Fast and Forever with our Scoliosis Treament

The changes start happening quickly, within weeks or months. And the results are permanent as long as the patient is compliant with the scoliosis treatment and exercise program.

Scoliosis Surgery is NOT necessary in most cases. There is a better way.

We invite you to learn more about our non-invasive Scoliosis Treatments works.

Contact Us

Book a consultation with Dr. Sid  at one of our NY Scoliosis Treatment clinics. We’ll create a personalized scoliosis treatment program that will work for you.


Call us at 212.354.2020


Dr. Sid is the only doctor in metropolitan New York and the north east region who offers integral ScoliSMART scoliosis care.

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